Studies have shown that every hour of cycling can help the body consume the same amount of calories as 5 hours of riding a motorbike. Everyone knows that exercising with an indoor exercise bike is one of the very effective weight loss methods. However, there are a lot of things to keep in mind and also many mistakes that users often make.

1.           Do not start the exercise bike properly

A lot of people make the same starting mistakes. First, they often leave the seat too low, causing the legs to bend during cycling. The best way is to keep the saddle at a medium level so that the legs are only slightly bent, which will make it easier for you to control the cycling process.

Second, the handlebars are often set too low. The handlebars should always be a little higher than the saddle, and the two should be about a forearm apart. If you are confused, you can ask an instructor to help you set the exercise bike until you can do it yourself.

2.           Lean forward too much

Leaning forward too much is a severe mistake, especially for beginners. When exercising tired, people tend to lean forward. That will hurt the knee. Remember to keep 80-85% of your body weight on the saddle.

3.           Failure to correct resistance when going up a slope

Most cyclists do not increase the drag required. Instead, they only raise very slightly. Consequently, this mistake makes the workouts both laborious and ineffective.

Notes when using a home exercise bike:

– The cycling process includes:

+ Warm up the body

+ Increase the intensity of training for fast speed, slow, strong resistance

+ Lower your body temperature before stopping the exercise by slowly stepping down to reduce the heart rate not too suddenly

 – Listen to music or watch TV to make the training more relaxing

 – Ride your bike steadily throughout your workout. Do not move your ankles.

Above are 3 common mistakes when using the exercise bike at home. We hope you will learn from your experiences to get the results you want as quickly as possible.

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